WINDOWS 10 Tips and Tricks


1. To set Google or any other search company instead of BING as your default search engine in “EDGE” which replaced IE:
Then import your favorites from IE you have to left click on the …… on the right top of the edge browser window. Left click on "Import Favorites" and select IE or Firefox or Chrome.

2. To turn off or hide the search box on the bottom toolbar, right click on the bar and then go to SEARCH and then left click on hidden.

3. To set your homepage, left click on ...., then select "Open with" and left click on "A specific page or pages" and then in the "web address" searchbox, enter that address. (You can copy and paste it into the box). Then click on the "Advanced settings" and everything should be on except Cortana and caret browsing. If Cortans is available for your system and you turn it on, you can speak to your computer through a microphone and she will do the searching for you.

4. The = icon button will open your favorites list. You can pin it open by left clicking on the pin icon.

5. How to stop Windows 10 from sharing your WIFI password.

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7. Make Windows 10 ( 8 and 8.1) look like Windows 7 for free.

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