As the saying goes, "nothing is for free" and all of those programs offered on tv "for free" to speed up your computer or double your speed, is just a way to sell you their program. In fact every one of them are scanning for the same things, viruses, spyware, registry errors, etc. Allot of people blame every problem that you are having on viruses and spyware. People are shocked when we find them on their computer! If you are going on the internet THERE IS NOTHING TO KEEP THEM FROM GETTING INTO YOUR SYSTEM! It's part of the current internet life just by browsing the internet or checking email. The only way to prevent them from getting into your system, is to never go onto the internet! Your computer's cpu was created at a certain" gigahertz speed" and you can't double that speed. Some systems may let you "overclock the cpu" but it still won't double the speed. The best way is backup your data that you need to save and reinstall windows fresh. We find that the average computer needs this around 3 years old. Always backup your data onto a separate hard drive, cd\dvd or flash drive as often as you need to. You never know when a crash will occur.

In our opinion, Mc Afee and Norton-Symantec are good anti-vi us programs however they put a high performance burden on your system resources-cpu and memory while running in the background.

Instead, we suggest a free program from AVG. You can also buy this program with extra features such as a firewall, but the built in one from Windows seems to work ok for most people and if you're on high speed internet with a "router", then that also has a firewall built-in so you're double protected. No matter what firewall program or how many you have, someone or some program has been designed to get though it. AVG is very light on your systems resources.

The biggest problem right now is "Spyware" or "Malware" because these programs, created by hackers can and will steal your identity. These are allot worse than a virus. We suggest two great programs that also are free-unless you choose to purchase them. They're called "Ad-Aware" and "Spybot." They work far better than any program that you can buy right now. Just check and computer magazine such as, PC World, PC Magazine, Computer Shopper, Computer News, etc. What we like about these two programs is that they are NOT RUNNING in the background while you are working on your system which would be again, taking away your system resources and slowing you down.

Every version of Windows has three free programs built-in; "Scan disk" or error-checking, "Defragmenter" and "Disc Clean-up" you can easily run these programs at night while you sleep. We suggest you run them at least every quarter (four times a year) but you can run them every month if you wish. Also do the error checking first to verify your windows files have not been corrupted.

Adding "RAM" or random access memory has never been cheaper! We suggest the Kingston brand because it's warranted for life. This will help your cpu allot with its workload. Max out your ram! Everything runs in memory so increase your speed and take the load off your cpu. We recommend buying from www.kingston.com.

Also adjust your start-up programs and turn off any programs that you don't need to be loaded into your ram at start-up. The tech writers who create Microsoft Works or Office, Quick time, real Player, etc also add them to your startup program so they'll open a few seconds faster BUT this again takes away from your systems recourses.

Uninstall any unwanted programs to free up hard drive space and remove the "registry keys" from your systems registry-the brains of your system. If your system is over 3 years old, we suggest you back-up all of your personal data and then format the hard drive and reinstall windows cleanly along with only the programs you want to use. You'll be amazed how much faster your system will be! Every computer manufacture adds programs that most people will never use or they're only a 30 or 60 day free trial. That way when you buy the program, they'll get a kick back like a car dealer!

Delete your stored "cookies" and temporary internet files which is part of what the spyware is copying to assume your identity. If you have Internet Explorer open, click on tools-internet options and then the delete button. Do this weekly.

If your system is running slow and is over 3 years old, it's time to back up your data and reinstall windows. It should be running fast like new again.

FREE Anti-Virus program from AVG. Click here. Download the large mb file. Note: You can not download this file using a dial-up internet connection. After installing AVG make the adjustments to it listed on our software links page. Make sure you download the right version for your windows program.

Also use this free malware removal program: MALEWAREBYTES. This free version requires you to run it each week. As alawys, run it in FULL SCAN MODE. Click here to download it.